Over the years, I have come across former classmates, friends and family members who suffer with the unemployment situation in my country – Ghana. The situation is mostly as a result of most graduates from our universities not being qualified for the available jobs because of their fields of study. Many study for a bachelors degree in Business Administration, Accounting, Banking, Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management, etc and graduate to find out that there are only few jobs in that aspect of the corporate world in our country. Hence, a gap is created which can only be bridged through training to acquire skill sets that will make them employable in the other industries.

I want to give back to my society by providing FREE training in ICT which is the field I have worked in for the past 4 years. I have started today a campaign to create an ICT Hub called THE CHOSEN HUB – THE CHOSEN HUB – a community where people with different levels of exposure in IT (young programmers and non-programmers alike, aspiring graphic designers, social media enthusiasts) and newbies with no knowledge in the Information Technology world can meet under one umbrella where we learn from each other, train newbies and starters, mentor their growth and build a community together to nurture and create jobs for them. This community will run through my ICT company and the guidance and mentoring of senior partners in various aspects of the industry

Well, what you can benefit from this include….

  • Create a job for yourself in an enabling environment
  • Get trained and mentored for FREE
  • Build upon your ideas in a creative environment with all the support available
  • Together, we build amazing projects and things together
  • Learn from industry experts with several years of experience
  • Be ready to face the 21st century world of Information Technology
  • Finally, cross your name off the unemployment list
  • Many more to come

Okay, so what do you need to join us…

  • An adventurous mind ready to learn and do something for yourself
  • You’re not paying to join this hub
  • The willingness to market yourself as a brand you create
  • A laptop or PC at home is a good advantage but shouldn’t stop you from joining. With work, you can acquire your own in a matter of time
  • Time, Determination, Perseverance and a “can-do” spirit
  • Everything you’ve got – that is, your strong will to win!


Nothing good comes easy and this is a project that will challenge all of us including myself but I am ready for this and will give it all I’ve got! So come with a mind ready to help build this hub. So tell a friend to tell a friend. It’s currently IT-related.

Further details will be provided soon.
Email us at: thehub@chosenwebdesigns.com
Call/Whatsapp us at: +233-54-546-5383

Warmest Regards,
Ernest O. Fokuo,